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Prince 30 - Nuova Jolly

Prince 30

Prince 33CC - Nuova Jolly

Prince 33

Prince 38CC - Nuova Jolly

Prince 38

Prince 43CC - Nuova Jolly

Prince 43

Prince 50 - Nuova Jolly

Prince 50

Luxury RIBs for Every Occasion

At Nuova Jolly North America, we offer a range of high-end RIBs for all your boating needs. From weekend getaways to coastal cruising, our boats combine aesthetics and safety for an unmatched maritime experience.

Prince 50 - Nuova Jolly

Crafted from Premium Materials

Our luxury RIBs are crafted from the finest materials to ensure top-tier performance and durability. With Nuova Jolly North America, you can trust that you're getting the best of the best.

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