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Prince 50 - Nuova Jolly


The craft, measuring 49'5'' x 14'11'' feet, offers superior comfort and features commonly found in elite Italian ribs. Its cabin is spacious, with a main bed surrounded by seaview windows and ample storage. A double guest bed is located near the stern, enhanced by ceiling windows and LED lighting. The cockpit showcases a teak and steel dinette, a modern kitchen unit, and an advanced helm station. The bow has a retractable dinette on a teak deck with ergonomic handrails. Nuova Jolly Marine focuses on meeting client demands in its designs.


The Prince 50 from Nuova Jolly is the quintessence of maritime splendor, a vessel that promises to turn the sea into your personal escape into the extraordinary. With each nautical mile, it offers an exhilarating blend of power and elegance, ensuring that your journey isn't just travel, but a passage to unforgettable moments and breathtaking destinations. Step aboard and set sail into a dream where the horizon is endless and every wave whispers of adventure.

Prince 50 - Nuova Jolly

Deck and Interiors