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Our models


The Nuova Jolly Prince 50 is the pinnacle of maritime elegance and functionality. Measuring at an impressive 49.38 x 14.90 feet, this vessel boasts a harmonious blend of luxury and performance. Its meticulously designed interiors, replete with top-tier amenities, offer an unmatched comfort, while the exterior exudes sleek craftsmanship. Perfect for those seeking both adventure and opulence, the Prince 50 is a testament to Nuova Jolly's dedication to excellence in boating.


The Nuova Jolly Prince 43 Luxury Cabin stands as the pinnacle of maritime sophistication and practicality. Spanning a majestic dimension, this vessel showcases a perfect fusion of opulence and performance. Inside, the interiors are a masterclass in design, adorned with premium amenities ensuring utmost comfort. Its exterior radiates a refined craftsmanship. Tailored for those who desire adventure wrapped in luxury, the Prince 43 Luxury Cabin underscores Nuova Jolly's unwavering commitment to superior boating experiences.


The Nuova Jolly Prince 38 is a beacon of nautical refinement and efficiency. Sporting a sleek design, this vessel embodies the ideal marriage of luxury and dynamism. The interiors are meticulously curated, furnished with top-notch amenities for unparalleled comfort. Its streamlined exterior resonates with impeccable craftsmanship. Designed for enthusiasts who appreciate both thrilling adventures and lavish comfort, the Prince 38 is a testament to Nuova Jolly's relentless pursuit of boating perfection.


The Nuova Jolly Prince 33 is a masterpiece of maritime design and efficiency. Its contours encapsulate the finest in luxury, while ensuring swift performance. Inside, every detail is finessed with high-end amenities, setting the stage for comfort and style. The vessel's exterior boasts a distinct elegance, echoing the craftsmanship Nuova Jolly is renowned for. For those yearning for adventure without compromising on luxury, the Prince 33 is the ultimate testament to Nuova Jolly's innovation and excellence in boating.


The Prince 30, an iconic creation by Nuova Jolly, stretches gracefully over 30 feet, embodying both charm and capability. Its polished exterior hints at agile journeys and expert handling, while its design promotes both flow and function. Inside, the attention to detail is evident, catering to those who seek efficiency paired with luxury. A paragon of adaptability at sea, the Prince 30 stands as a testament to Nuova Jolly's commitment to producing vessels that harmoniously unite dynamic performance with striking elegance.


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