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Prince 43CC - Nuova Jolly


The Prince 43 CC, representative of Nuova Jolly's maritime brilliance, spans a confident 43 feet, presenting a blend of agility and design finesse. Its exterior hints at adventure, ready to tackle diverse waters with ease. The central console layout provides both practicality and space, ensuring functionality without compromising on comfort. Perfectly tailored for those seeking versatile maritime experiences, the Prince 43 CC strikes a balance between performance and aesthetics, embodying the exceptional standards of Nuova Jolly craftsmanship.


The Nuova Jolly Prince 43CC epitomizes the allure of ocean voyaging, a craft designed to transform the vast waters into your exclusive gateway to wonder. This vessel melds raw strength with refined grace, delivering an unmatched sailing experience. Each journey with the Prince 43CC is not merely a trip across the waters but an odyssey of memorable experiences and stunning vistas. Embark on this majestic vessel and navigate towards a realm where dreams and reality converge, and every ripple in the ocean speaks of limitless possibilities and thrilling escapades.

Prince 43CC - Nuova Jolly

Deck and Interiors